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Best Small Business Apps 2022

As a newly established or an established small business, you don’t have much time for managing all the time taking tasks by yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should hire someone to do your job, to make your workload more manageable. Instead, you can play smartly and technologically to do your work. But the question that confuses users the most is which one is better? There are hundreds of tools that can help boost a business’s success, so Which one to choose? Therefore, we have compiled a list of online tools suitable for small businesses. They would surely help a business grow.

Read the article to know the most cost-friendly tools to boost a business.

We have sectioned the articles with apps belonging to categories as follows:

  • Invoicing Apps
  • Accounting Apps
  • Email Marketing Apps

Invoicing Apps

Invoicelabs is one of the most cost-effective invoicing solutions for small-scale businesses and freelancers that offers useful features to manage the invoice generation process. Users can create as many invoices as they want or manage their client database and items inventory. Its cost-effective packages will surely fulfill your needs.

It has additional features like customizable templates, status tracking, authorized signatures, and in-app online payments support(Read more about invoicelabs feature). Once you get into the app, you don’t have to use any other app for managing your invoicing tasks. Plus, it is available for both Android and web applications, so you can use it on any device you want. 


With its 30-day free trial period, Invoice2go is the most trustworthy app when looking for an effective invoicing solution. Apart from creating invoices, it provides expense and mileage tracking functionalities to make invoices on the go possible. You can generate receipts for the paid invoices to make your work look professional. As it provides both web and mobile applications, you can use it the way you want and on your desired device. You can add your desired no. of customers by choosing one of the different pricing plans it provides. But for a new business, their basic plan would work the best

When we talk about making online payments, PayPal is one of the best candidates on the list. Similarly, when we talk about online invoicing, PayPal is included comes in the list too. You can create as many invoices as you want using its template library. Its invoice generation platform is free to use. It only charges when sending and accepting online payments within the app. It also integrates with other platforms like stripe to make transactions possible within the apps. You can use it on any device. It is available for both web and mobile devices.

Accounting Apps

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software available that is available in the market in the longest run. With its multiple accounting features, it is best to be used by accountants to manage their firm’s accounting reports and maintain the logs. From creating payrolls to tracking expenses, profit analysis to inventory management QuickBooks can do it all.

Whether you are a single entity or a small business to a medium one, QuickBooks has offers for everyone. A user can select from the varying pricing options to get the features they need. It is also available as a desktop and mobile app (for both android and iOS). Once getting a subscription all these devices can be used to manage your accounts, you don’t have to pay more. Thus, you can say all your data would be completely synchronized and you can do your accounting at the palm of your hand.

When we talk about all-in-one accounting apps, then FreshBooks tops the list. If you are a small business and don’t want to deal with the complexity of QuickBooks, then FreshBooks should be the accounting tool you use. The same features of QuickBooks can be used in FreshBooks with far less complexity and easy to use interface. The pricing plan for FreshBooks varies with the size of your business and the number of features you need. FreshBooks easily allows you to integrate with CRM tools like HubSpot, AgileScrum, etc. Because users can use it on any device using its Android, iOS, and web applications with a single account, it becomes a handy tool.

Wave is one of the best free tools available for accounting and invoicing. It allows users to use its mobile and web apps without any subscription fee. Wave services include invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning. It smoothly adds payroll options to enhance your working experience within a single application. Wave is overall a free accounting software to use. When you add extensions such as payroll, they charge you a percentage on each transaction you made within the app. But as a beginner, if you are looking for a simple accounting app, then Wave is the best option to choose.

Email Marketing Apps

MailChimp is the most uncomplicated email marketing platform for small businesses. It provides a wide range of templates to design your email campaigns. Its free plan is suitable for people new to email marketing. It offers A/B testing to check the performance of your emails.
Unlike other email marketing mediums that only allow the analysis of the click rate and open rate of an email sent. MailChimp offers in-depth visualization of revenue a user can generate from the marketing list audience. Its in-depth feature would surely boost your success, but they are available with the paid plan.
A serious businessman surely needs a serious email marketing tool, and that’s what the Campaign monitor is. It allows users to design email campaigns according to the overview of the campaign.

It follows an analytical point of view of a business following which an email gets generated. It allows the facility of sending transactional emails and optimizes each email to ensure faster delivery. Unlike MailChimp, it doesn’t have a free plan, but If you want to test it’s working properly, you can check its trial period. It’s free.