Why you need an invoice generator?

You might be running a small business where you manage your stocks, inventory, daily dealings, customers all by yourself in your limited resources. Then there is the invoice generation process consumes most of your time. Whether you do it by hand or through some point of sale software, it’s still time taking. What if there was a way to somehow save your time without costing you much? Here we introduce free invoice templates with the Invoicelabs invoice generator to help you ease your tasks and save time. An invoice generator will help you keep track of your dealings with your customers and keep you up-to-date with the revenue you generate.

Customizable Invoice Templates

With Invoicelabs you can download unlimited free pre-build invoice templates that are suitable for your business, without having the hassle to design one. Use our free downloadable template and make
the look of your invoices professional.

Standard Invoice template

contains all the content of a normal invoice

Mixed Invoice template

contains details of all the taxes and applied discounts, on a standard invoice

Expense Report

contain details of expenses covered on behalf of being a company’s representative. Used within the organization

Pro forma Invoice template

contain details of estimated costs for a given project, or selling a good/service.
a paper supportive invoice template exactly based on the template you customized.

Quotes template

All the templates are designed to keep the general view of an invoice in mind as:

Customizable Themes

Each invoice template is offered in these themes:

All the invoice templates and themes are completely customizable according to user requirements.

Save the Invoice template

Each template on which a user works can either be saved in pdf format or can directly be printed according to ease. Saving the template as pdf retains the actual look of the invoice template you selected initially, so that you can have consistent looking invoices.

Problems Using Free Invoice Templates

Free invoice templates are a great source of saving your time from creating a standard template for all your invoicing tasks, but they also have certain limitations.

Business personalization is not compatible with free invoice templates

Customizing a free invoice template is difficult.

Manual work is required for entering client’s data and other relevant information

Manual calculation of bills is a time taking process

Maintaining invoicing logs is difficult with free invoice templates

Upgrade Your Invoicing With Invoicelabs