Free Downloadable Invoice Templates

With Invoicelabs you can download unlimited free pre-build invoice templates that are suitable for your business, without having the hassle to design one. Use our free downloadable template and make the look of your invoices professional.

Download Free Templates

Invoicelabs offers you to download free templates in the format you want. We offer templates as:
  • Invoice Template Word
  • Invoice Template Excel
  • Invoice Template Google Sheets
  • Invoice Template Google Docs

Construction Invoice Templates

Effective to use in the construction business where you can add different items in a single invoice by their specific categories

Freelancer Invoice Templates

Suitable for people associated with the freelance business, and are paid for projects based on time.

Graphic Design Invoice Templates

Specifically made for freelance graphic designers, making the invoice template aesthetic according to the designer’s niche.   

Credit Invoice Templates

Designed to make refunds easier than ever. Just create a credit invoice and balance your credit and debit accounts.

Sales Invoice Templates

Effective to use when you are a general sales representative and need to invoice your daily sales.

Receipt Invoice Templates

Generate receipts to the customers to provide a statement for received payments.

Problems Using Free Invoice Templates

Free invoice templates are a great source of saving your time from creating a standard template for all your invoicing tasks, but they also have certain limitations.

Business personalization is not compatible with free invoice templates

Customizing a free invoice template is difficult.

Manual work is required for entering client’s data and other relevant information

Manual calculation of bills is a time taking process

Maintaining invoicing logs is difficult with free invoice templates

We Can Go Ahead with Invoicelabs

With invoicelabs invoice generator, you can not only work on free invoice templates but you can send them to your customers and get paid from them, doing all work while remaining within the app.

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Generate Reciepts

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If You are looking for an all in one invoice generator or a customizable template maker, try Invocielabs free today.

Try it today and make your life easier.