How to Customizing Invoice and Estimate Title?

Personalizing your content shows how professional and committed you are toward your work. You can easily customize your Invoices and estimates titles by following these steps:
Step 1: Login to your Invoivelabs account.
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Step 2: Select the menu button located at the top left corner of your main screen.
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Step 3: A menu appears. Select, Settings from the menu items.
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Step 4: A Setting sub-menu appears. Choose the Customize option from this menu. It will take you to the title customization screen.
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Step 5: In the Customize screen, update your Invoice Title and Estimate Title. (By default, the names are set to IN and ES for invoice and estimate titles, respectively)
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Step 6: You can also add your Business number to personalize your invoices according to your business in the Business Number textbox.
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Step 7: Click on the Save Changes button. The Customization gets updated.
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Note:All your new Invoices would start from the numbers defined according to your customizations.
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