How to create an estimate in invoicelabs invoice maker

Once you have successfully signed up, you can start creating and sending your estimates right away to the clients just with a few clicks. Once the quotes get finalized, you can convert them into an invoice with one click.
Step 1: To create an estimate, tap on the estimate button from the home screen.
1 – 10
Step 2: To create a new estimate, tap non + button:
2 – 11
(Based on whether or not the estimate got converted into an invoice, three tabs all, open, closed in the bottom bar will filter them out. You can also search for a particular estimate via client name from the top. Initially, the estimate screen would be empty. Once you start creating estimates, you can see them on this screen.)
Step 3: The Add New Estimate screen appears.
5 – 11
  • To add/edit Business info, Click on the Edit button in front of the Business Info option. It will open the Business Details screen. Add/edit information according to requirements. Tap on the Save Changes button to save the changes that you made.
6 – 11
  • To add or edit a client, tap the Edit button in front of the Client Info option. On the Create New Client screen, add/edit details and tap on the ADD NOW button.
7 – 8
  • To add or edit an item, tap the +Add New items button under the Item option. On the Add Item screen, add/edit details and tap on the ADD NOW button.
7 – 8
  • You can add/edit discount, tax, and partial payments on the items for the complete invoice, in the Payment Details section.
  • In Invoicelabs invoice maker, you can attach as many images as you want to along with personalized notes, signature, payment instructions
Step 4: Once your estimate is ready, you can view it from the Preview option at the bottom bar.
8 – 12
Step 5: Send your estimate to the client, and once it gets finalized, convert it into an invoice by clicking on the Make invoice button.
7 – 8
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