How to create an invoice?

Once you have successfully signed up you can start creating and sending your invoices right away to the clients just with few clicks.
Step 1: To create an invoice, tap on the invoice button from the home screen.
Step 2: To create a new invoice, select on + button
(Three tabs all, outstanding, paid in the bottom bar is going to filter out the invoices based on payment status. You can also search a particular invoice via client name from the top. Initially, the invoice screen would be empty. Once you start creating invoices, you can see them on this screen, with their delivery and payment statuses.)
Step 3: The Add New Invoice screen appears.
  • To add/edit Business info, Click on the Edit button in front of the Business Info option. It will open
    the Business Details screen. Add/edit information according to requirements. Tap on the Save
    button to save the changes that you made..
  • To add or edit a client, tap the Edit button in front of the Client Info option. On the Create New
    Client screen
    , add/edit details and tap on the ADD NOW button.
  • To add or edit an item, tap the +Add New items button under the Item option. On the Add Item screen,
    add/edit details and tap on the ADD NOW button.
  • You can add/edit discount, tax, and partial payments on the items for the complete invoice, in
    the Payment Details section.
  • In Invoicelabs invoice maker you can attach as many images as you want to along with personalized notes, signature, payment instructions etc.
Step 4: Once your invoice is ready, you can view it from the Preview option at the bottom bar. Send your invoice to the client.
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