How to send invoice/estimate to your client ?

After creating an invoice or an estimate through the Invoicelabs invoice maker, you can easily send them to your clients via one of the two ways:
a. Through email
To send the invoice/estimate via email,
Step 1: Open the invoice/estimate details screen
Step 2: Click on the send button and select the email option.
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Step 3 (Optional): Enter the client email in the To field and Reply-to address (email where clients can reply).
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Note: These fields will automatically get filled if provided in the client details and business info sections, respectively
Step 4 (Optional): Send a customized message with an email to each client, and you can also save this message using the toggle button for later use. You can also add this message from default settings.
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b. Through Link
To send the invoice/estimate via a link,
Step 1: Open invoice/estimate detail screen
Step 2:Click on the send button and select the message option. Or Select the menu from the left in the invoice detail screen and select share.
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Step 3: Select the medium you want to use to share the invoice, and hit send.
Once the user has read the invoice, you’ll get notified.
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