How to set up an account in invoice labs?

After downloading Invoicelabs Invoice maker from Google Play, you can easily create a user account in Invoicelabs to start your Invoicing Journey.

1. Sign-Up Options

You can sign-up on Invoicelabs either by using a valid email address, Google, or Facebook account.
a. Using email address
To create an Invoicelabs account using an email address; Under Create Account option, enter your valid email address and password in the Email and Password text boxes. Then re-enter your password in Confirm Password text box and click on the Create Account button. Your account gets created.
Account Activation
After creating an account, you will get a verification email on your email address. Verify your email address through the link, and your account gets activated.
b. Using Google or Facebook account
If you do not want to sign up with an email address, you can create an Invoicelabs account; using an active Google or Facebook account.
Under the Create account button, you will see other sign-up options. Select the icon for the account you want to create an account with:
Selecting Google icon
Selecting Google to create an account will direct you to a screen. Select yours google account from there. Your account gets created.
Selecting Facebook icon
If you select Facebook to create an account, you will be directed to a screen asking to continue with your profile. Select Continue as to create an account using Facebook. Your account gets created.

2. Continuing as Guest

3. Adding Starting Details

After signing up or continuing as a guest, you will see two screens before initiating the invoice creation process.
Note: You can either add those details and click the Continue button or click the Ask me later button to skip adding those details. Once you click on the “Continue” button, the information gets added to the default settings. Whenever you create a new invoice or estimate, they will import this information.
Screen A- Adding Business Details
To Enter your necessary business information
Screen B- Choosing Templates
Choose the template you want to work on
Adding or skipping those details will not affect your work. You can always add update these details by following Set Up Business Information
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