How to set up business information in invoicelabs invoice maker

In this article, we are going to walk you through the processes of saving and customizing business information on different stages of invoicing as per your requirement. Following are the options where you can add/edit business info:

a.    Upon signing up

After signing up or continuing as a guest, you will see a screen before initiating the invoice creation process. It requires you to set up basic business info such as logo, business name, business email, and business contact.
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Note: You can either add those details and click the Continue button or click the Ask me later button to skip adding those details. Once you click on the “Continue” button, the information gets added to the default settings. Whenever you create a new invoice or estimate, they will import this information. .

b.     In default settings

You can also add your business information from the settings once you have created an account or continued as a guest. To add Business Details from settings:
Step 1: Click on the Menu button located at the top left corner of the home screen.
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Step 2: The menu options will appear. From the options, select Business Details or click on the Edit button located at the top right corner.
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Step 3: A new screen will appear. Add/update the information you want to show to the customer in the invoice/estimate.
Step 4: Click on the Save Changes button to save the changes that you made.
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Changes done in default settings will only reflect in the invoices/estimates that are created after changes are done..

c.    In an invoice/estimate

Once you have created a new invoice, it will import all the data from the defaults (if any added). But if you wish to change the data in that invoice, you can do so by the following these steps:
Step 1: Create a new invoice or open the invoice you want to change the business info.
Step 2: Click on the Edit button in front of the Business Info option.
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Step 3: It will open the Business Details screen. Add/edit information according to requirements.
Step 4: Click on the Save Changes button to save the changes that you made.
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Note: All the changes that are made in the invoice will only be reflected in that particular invoice and will not have any impact on defaults settings
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